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The Dos and Don'ts of a Successful Marketing Campaign


Marketing can be a tricky business, but if you take the right steps, you could experience great success in no time. Follow these dos and don'ts to ensure your marketing campaign doesn’t fall flat. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to marketing; some of the most successful campaigns out there were far from traditional. Take a cue from them, and shake things up! At the end of the day, if you want people to hear what you have to say, you have to get your name out there—in front of as many eyes as possible!

Do have real, actionable content

Content marketing is a great way to reach people who are interested in your industry. It's important to have content that's concise, informative, and helpful if you want to be successful with this strategy. Although it may seem intimidating at first, it's not as hard as it seems. Here are some dos and don'ts for content marketing:

Do have an original idea or concept before writing any copy. 

Do keep the copy short enough so people will read it.

Do make it easy for people to share your content

If you want to increase your reach on social media, the best way to go about this is by making it easy for people to share your content. This can be done by using hashtags that are specific to your niche, adding links back to your site in the post (that include the link tracking code so you can see how well they're doing), or including an image with click-to-tweet buttons.

Don't: Post anything that could be construed as spammy.

Don’t tell people what they already know

Don't tell people what they already know. The more you can make your message new, the better chance it has to resonate with its audience. If you're not sure about how to put your message together, ask friends or family who work in marketing for some help. You'll be surprised at what other marketers may have missed on their own campaigns. Remember that this is a campaign: you should always consider the big picture when it comes to marketing strategies and tactics. There are many different ways to market something, so don't get caught up in one idea. Keep an open mind and explore all avenues before deciding which one will work best for your product/service. Once you've settled on a strategy, create goals and deadlines for yourself so that you're able to measure your success as time goes by.

Do create your own success story

I've been in marketing for 20 years now, and I can tell you that the only way to make it in this field is by being innovative. So when I started my own marketing agency, I was determined to stand out from the pack. What do all marketers have in common? They sell their product or service. But what separates me from other companies is that I'm constantly changing up my strategy: one week, we'll be running ads on Facebook; the next week, we'll be paying influencers on Instagram. No matter what direction our business goes in, we always maintain our creative edge with cutting-edge campaigns. It's important not just to know what your customers want - but also to stay ahead of the curve. 

Some quick dos and don'ts: 

DO create a customer success story. 

DON'T focus too heavily on your company history - nobody cares about how long you've been in business if they're not sure they want your services! 

DO produce amazing content that engages people and compels them to buy your products. 

DON'T forget about search engine optimization (SEO).


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